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I Am The Ghost of Brooklyn - FULL ALBUM - January 01, 2016

Album Review - THE GHOST OF BROOKLYN Is Back And Rocking
December 31, 2015 by Dave Royce

Album Review - The Ghost Of Brooklyn – I Am The Ghost Of Brooklyn
January 5, 2016 by Jer @ http://sleepingbagstudios.ca

Ghost Of Brooklyn – Elusive Songwriter Releases Debut Full Length Album
January 6, 2016 - review by Andrew Tobia, Indie Band Guru

“I Am The Ghost of Brooklyn” – a mix of Dylan songs thrown in a stew full of 1950 musical icons and some lo-fi pop tunes! - January 06, 2016 Posted By Rick Jamm, jamsphere.com

Sunday, July 12, 2015


“Serving as an ode of reverence to American artist, musician & producer Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Ghost of Brooklyn’s latest YouTube offering “One Love” is a sonic & visual triptych about finding the artist’s grave amid Brooklyn, N.Y.’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery—where Basquiat was born and raised. Accompanied by a haunting video clip as our Ghost friend wanders the beloved graveyard in search of his hero, the song is the latest in his ever-burgeoning catalog of one-off singles, captured live in a single take. Accompanied only by guitars and a cascade of harmonic vocals, Ghost conjures a mesh of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Crosby, Stills & Nash, with knee-bobbing beats and a lyric that brings up a topic that is perhaps more universal than cemetery-strolling. Ghost sings, “All my friends say I’m crazy… loving you.” In all, “One Love” stands just fine on its own—but it’s a lot more intriguing watching The Ghost of Brooklyn ultimately find his hero.” --CHUCK TAYLOR, Billboard Magazine

“The Ghost of Brooklyn Brings About Guitar Pop In Unique Fashion…you are going to be astonished by what you hear in the mix...There’s a certain rock sensibility to the music pushed forward here: something that has that intangible quality of greatness. You’re going to hear songs and immediately hum along with the melodies. The best artists make you remember their words, their song structures, and will not let go of your psyche. That’s exactly what the Ghost of Brooklyn does, and it’s a great thing.” --Sell Out Records, Sir Jorge

“If you like your indie folk-rock with a psychedelic twist, jangly guitar, uncanny melodies, underlining gorgeous, surreal lyrics, then you might be into The Ghost of Brooklyn…Lyrically, The Ghost of Brooklyn uses stunning imagery, an insightful poetic stream of consciousness, almost like a dream being narrated…The creative originality, both in his background story and song, is incomparable to any indie artist today. This is an artist for people who like music with substance and a lot of raw guts.” --Rick Jamm, jamsphere.com

“Despite lacking the slick production standards expected in today’s music, the songs of The Ghost of Brooklyn are surprisingly pretty good. Believe me when I tell you I wasn’t expecting much. The whole project seems a little too contrived to me and not all that well executed but the songs are surprisingly good. I know I said that already but the music is very listenable and quite pleasant. The Ghost does seem to have a talent for songwriting and I think if he put a little more effort into the production techniques he might have a real chance to break through. Then again, if what he says is real, we shouldn’t really expect any more than what we have. A real conundrum. Listening to the music, I am reminded of Daniel Johnston who did actually breakthrough for a while but where Daniel Johnston’s shtick was real and authentic, The Ghost of Brooklyn’s is too contrived for this reviewer. Or is it?” --Rob Penland, The Mad Music Asylum

“You can do as much research as you like but you won’t find a living soul or ‘real’ person attached to any of the music of The Ghost Of Brooklyn…The songs are completely catchy, have hooks aplenty and are played with an audible-joy to much applause…There is an incredibly indie-aspect of what The Ghost Of Brooklyn writes musically. Fans of bands like Sparklehorse, MGMT, Spoon or even The Arcade Fire will find a way in easily to this music…I dig the pleasant vibe, the good-nature of the songs and the genuine love for making music that radiates clearly from the music of The Ghost Of Brooklyn. It has the real-sound of togetherness...” –sleepingbagstudios.ca

“With an appeal all too human to the naked eye, the fact that the ghost in him is unseen is what helps him set forth the legacy. His voice brings you that vibrancy of the good old days of natural songwriting, precise vocal arrangements, intelligent layering of vocal production, and a little something to get you dancing around the graveyard…This ghost really does captivate you in the greatest ways.” --Justyn Brodsky, The Pact Music Society

“Influences on The Ghost Of Brooklyn reads like a who’s who of classic artists – Paul Simon, the Police, David Bowie, there are touches to be found in small ways throughout the tracks. Add to that the hazy Americana vibe that runs through it (even touching a little on Sheryl Crow territory) and you’ve got some truly engaging and satisfying music…it’s easy to get thoroughly lost in the glorious harmonies that The Ghost Of Brooklyn splashes over the track with glee abandon…If only we could have more art in this world that is made with these kinds of sensibilities, then perhaps we would all be so much richer for it.” –Chris, Cross Radar

“The portrait of this so called ghost who walks the streets of Brooklyn reminds me of a modernized, goofier, Andy Warhol piece, however, in a good way! It really sticks out and impresses me with its simplicity, yet classiness, added with a sense of spunk. With songs such as “One Love” and “The Great I Am” you can’t help yourself to feel scared and haunted, and by that I mean, you will feel like these songs won’t ever leave you alone. You will want to listen to them over and over again.” --Xander Supertramp, Canada

“The Ghost of Brooklyn is an enigma. An undead minstrel with a mission of spreading his message via the power of music rather than the force of twisting his head completely around…With an auditory pleasing mix of pop, rock, and country, “The Ghost of Brooklyn” materializes wherever there are people who need a musical possession of the awesome variety. No need to call Ghostbusters here. This is a haunting of the cool variety.” –HorrorCabin.com

“The Ghost Of Brooklyn haunts listeners with good times in the form of feel-good reggae anthems such as his latest single “One Love.” The song is dynamic, infectious and fun, moving from some laid-back reggae grooves to the energy and grit of punk rock, almost as if Bob Marley set out to jam with The Ramones.” --Andrea Caccese, Sweden

“America’s favorite rock and roll ghost, the Ghost of Brooklyn, is preparing for a massive year. The rising indie guitar pop icon is utilizing a wonderfully theatrical persona to introduce himself to audiences…The unique complexity of the Ghost of Brooklyn is what defines him as an artist. Much like a concept album, the Ghost is essentially a concept artist…He’s a friendly ghost, thankfully, wistfully floating throughout the world making his mark on subway platforms to the Coliseum…Once you’re hooked on his music, you won’t be able to shake him.”  --Brett Stewart

“The Ghost Of Brooklyn – Haunting Listener’s Minds With Raw Live Sounds…The story is quite an interesting one.  He does not aim for big dreams or big production in his music but instead records all his music live; one guitar, one voice, one take…This is genuine and authentic music by an artist that does it purely for the love of sharing his musical journey, even if that means a little haunting along the way.”  --INDIE BAND GURU

“The Ghost of Brooklyn is one of the most interesting acts I've come across in a really, really long time…The song One Love is a great folk-rock tune in the musical realm of Bob Dylan. However, for all the joy and feel-good vibes that the music emits, there is a vocal dub effect on the lead singer that does indeed make it feel like you're listening to a ghost. The Ghost of Brooklyn is the most talented ghost-musician in all of NYC.” –The Music Farmer

“Parallel universes converge on the mysteriously entertaining music video “One Love” from a musical entity affectionately known as “The Ghost of Brooklyn.” Haunting the cemetery of artist and musician Jean-Michael Basquiat, The Ghost of Brooklyn takes viewers on a very personal journey to the actual tombstone of the New York-born artist. As a montage of Basquiat’s photos flash across the screen, The Ghost of Brooklyn meanders…and sometimes frolics through the brush and wooded terrain. Fascinating audiences with catchy lyrics, friendly rhythms, and hints of nostalgia, The Ghost of Brooklyn gives a chilling performance while giving viewers a glimpse into life on the other side.” --glitterandstilettos.com

“Sounds like the old folk heroes of Greenwich tripping, albeit happily.” --ladystardust18

“I listened to several of the Ghosts’ songs and watched a few of his live performances on YouTube and was very pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t some cornball with a wacky gimmick, this guy is truly an artist. His song titled ‘One Love,’ is one in particular that I think is really worth checking out. It’s a very cool and melodic up-tempo piece of Indie folk rock splashed with pop and a dash of reggae.” --steezinonem.com

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Ghost of Brooklyn Has Been Murdered

Bloody scene where The Ghost of Brooklyn was found dead

NEW YORK—American musician and songwriter The Ghost of Brooklyn, who recently rose from the dead and was making a name for himself in the Indie Folk scene, was murdered early Sunday morning on his way to perform a free concert at the chapel at Green-wood Cemetery, officials for the graveyard confirmed.

According to sources, he was strolling the cemetery grounds eating a corn muffin and exercising, and, The Ghost of Brooklyn, a very competent guitarist and singer, began singing and playing inside another residents mausoleum, and was attacked from behind by a zombie with a knife. He subsequently "died" from multiple stab wounds to the neck, chest and head. He was 134 years old.

"Though The Ghost of Brooklyn was playing a cover song by Bo Diddley—one of his favorite artists—he appeared to be playing exceptionally loud this morning and infuriated the other residents," Lisa Alpart Director of Graveyard Affairs for Green-wood said at a press conference outside the chapel. “He sang for about 4 1/2 minutes, bleed furiously, gasped for air, but never missed a note.”

"After nearly 10 minutes of intense bleeding he didn’t seemed to be in pain but rather enjoyed the dying process. His body then became limp,” Alpart added. “We would have stopped the bleeding, but he was having to much fun."

Graveyard witnesses reported that The Ghost of Brooklyn—author of over 300 songs and occupier of literally 1000s of bodies over the years—displayed all the classic signs of dying: pale-cold body, eyes open with death evident in the face, and a complete lack of movement.

"This is not the way I wanted The Ghost of Brooklyn to go out this time," longtime friend & cemetery resident Jean Michel told reporters. "Maybe after 300 years of intense touring and writing, he got complacent and allowed himself to get whacked. Shit happens. I’m sure he’ll be back soon with a new body, or a revamped old one.”